Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tip - Protein Treatments

Tuesday Tip:

The colder it gets the more protection your hair needs, try Protein Treatments! They're said to add moisture, strengthen and overall result in healthier hair. You can use natural ingredients such as eggs or mayo or go with a good protein treatment product. Natural hair is naturally dry and due to the tight curl pattern it has many weak points and can break very easily. This is why regular protein treatments are vital to grow long natural hair. I suggest doing a protein treatment every 6 to 8 weeks. This treatment strengthens your hair and prepares it for you playing in your hair often and styling it. Doing this will help with less breakage with your regular treatments.

Make sure your hair is in need of protein before you use a protein treatment. If it doesn't need it, you'll know because it will feel hard during and after the process. However, if your hair does need a protein treatment, it will thank you afterwards by feeling soft and moisturized!!

Remember mayo is great for hair because it's a combo of EGGS & OIL. Eggs are protein and Mayonnaise has protein in it. You can mix up some eggs and put it on your hair. You can add oil to it too. You can even put mayonnaise in your hair too. These are all NATURAL protein treatments that don't cost much because we have these ingredients on hand! If your not interested in creating your own home-made protein treatment you could always go and buy one from the store. I hear Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise or Aphogee are great to try. After your protein treatment, be sure to apply plenty of moisture to your hair. Protein is great for your hair but dry's it out at the same time. So, make sure you have your sprays, oils, and moisturizers ready to battle that dry hair!

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