Friday, April 13, 2012

Five Question Friday! 4/13/12

1. Who mows your grass? Definitely not me, I'm in an apartment so the yard guys do the mowing and they irk my nerves every time lol!

2. Do you have a picture wall or picture gallery in your house (show us! <--- my addition to the question)? Yes I do I've got a couple and it'd be hard to show. It's a mixture of awards, photos, and metals all in one lol

3. What book has influenced your thinking the most? Or, what blog? (I want to read what gets people thinking!) I read a lot of biographies. The most recent one I've read was "On the Right Track" by Marion Jones. It's about her downfall from being an Olympic champion and spiraling down to nothing and making a comeback in a different way. This is a "must read" book

4. Do you have allergies? If so, how do you handle it this time of year? Yes, I'm allergic to pollen. Now, with that being said, if you wanna get technical I have lots of allergies and that includes medicine too :( For this time of year as far as pollen I stay away from the pollen trees and I wear a face mask if need be to get by LOL! Yes, I look like some diseased animal BUT at least I don't feel horrible :P

5. What's your go to meal to cook in an hurry? Pizza pizza pizza...... oh did I say Pizza?! LOL


  1. biographies are one of the most important types of books and i never get a chance to read them. but now i'm thinking about it!

    and i loooove pizza :))



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