Saturday, October 20, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As most of you already know it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I, too, would like to dedicate a post or two on my blog about Breast Cancer along with helpful information and references to help with the Awareness. Breast Cancer is something that is very near and dear to my heart. Cancer in general is. I've had family members die from Cancer. I have a childhood friend who's mother beat Breast Cancer a couple years back. I thank God everyday for the blessing of giving her life again.

I can't say I get checked as often as I need. I know it's suppose to be yearly but I haven't been nearly as much as I should. Especially with Cancer being very present in my genetics. I do my own checks as well as my husband BUT it's nothing like going to a professional who specialists in that field and hearing them say you are all clear, see you next year. If your unsure of how to do your own checks it's very simple. You need to lye flat on your back. Whichever side you are wanting to check first you need to raise that hand and put it behind your head. Take the other hand and rotate your hand in a circular motion with your finger tips looking for any time of lump or what have you. Check the entire area except where the nipple is. Then repeat on the other side. I check monthly but you don't have to check as often as I do. I am just one who is very very particular of my temple and would like to rather know than go unnoticed. If you'd like a detailed description you can do so by following the link here.

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