Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's A Twist-Out Affair

Practice Makes Perfect
If you've followed me my entire journey, then you know I don't do much to my hair but wash n go's or protective styles. I've never attempted a twist out, braid out, bantu-knot out or anything of that nature. Last week I was feeling really, hmm, curious about this whole ....out thing so I decided to dive in and try it for myself. I had no idea what I was doing. I just did what I thought was right. I wasn't watching any videos of tutorials or anything like that nor was I trying to be a perfectionist at it the first go around. I used my normal moisturizing method after I did my weekly deep conditioning treatment.
I was amazed at how my hair looked afterwards. I was in my zone. Did these twists (that took forever), covered my hair, and hit the sac. I woke up the next morning like "Do I really want to take down my hair?!" I didn't have the time but decided, you know what I'm going to do this. I've made up my mind I want to see the end result! I started to take my hair down bit by bit and it started coming together. The end result I thought was nice. No, the definition isn't sick. Why, you ask?! Well, my hair still is pretty darn short. I'm not really into the definition. I'm more focused on moisturizing. I found that my hair was super moisturized for about a week without me having to put any product in my hair. I didn't even have to re-twist at night. Just wake up the next morning, sprits it with whatever spray I'd like, fluff, and go go go. I was amazed! Now, I know y'all are asking, did you record it? I want a tutorial on how you did it. Yes, I did actually. Is it up yet? No, I need to get around to putting that up but if you stay tuned and patient I'll have it up for you soon enough! :) I'll try this whole Twist-Out method again sometime again in the near future. That is, when my hands don't hurt from having to twist and twist and twist. I hope yall enjoy and be sure to check me out on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe if you haven't. Thanks for reading! Smooches! <3

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  1. yay! looking good :) my main to go to style is two strand twists followed by twists outs.



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