Thursday, November 18, 2010

Behind the Hair

I've been getting relaxers, aka the creamy crack, since I could remember. From birth my mom has had it instilled in her that straight hair, controlled by the creamy crack, is who we are. The creamy crack is what all black chicks have become over the years basically and it's sad. My mom was brought up in a household who didn't have money for salons, etc. Once my mom was on her own she could afford to go to the salons weekly to maintain her hair. She's one that's all about the hair! Anywho, around age 10 my mom had Ms. Ridley, my mom and I's stylist, pu a freaking curl in my hair. I begged and begged my mom not to buy she did it anyway!! At the time I was in the 5th or 6th grade. All the kids made fun of me saying ooooh Key has a jerry curl, Key has a jerry curl!! :( After a while I got tired of fighting it so I used to lie and say no I have "natural curly hair." Soon enough, maybe a year later, my mom allowed me to get rid of it and go back to the creamy crack! Since then my hair has been off the wall trying to take care of it. I'm not the type to love hair..... I'd prefer it to be all gone, but hell the BC scares me! lol. Most of my childhood I wore braids like micros, corn rolls, single plats, or kinky twists. I am so the tomboy type hahahahaaaa! Right after high school I decided to cut my hair into a short style like this:
just for a new look and style. I mean come on, I'm going to college now...... gotta grow up! March 2010 I decided to go natural so I started the "transitioning" stage, not knowing what kind of journey I was in for. After about 2 months I chickened out, got the creamy crack, cut my hair, burned it with a style, and that was that. I'm so bad at maintaining my hair, that's why I chickened out in the first place LOL!! Recently, I started the transitioning stages of going natural again and am going to follow through with it this time around. My last relaxer was mid August 2010. I have so much new growth and I thank myself for taking time and researching, my natural hair friends for their knowledge and support, and my products I've created. So as you can see I've been through hell and high water with my hair and my journey is just now beginning!! I hope you enjoy this encouragement post I created just for other sisters that are thinking of going natural. Join me on my journey, we could be partners and help each other through this trying time. Remember it's just hair and WE ARE NOT OUR HAIR. That's all, Peace and Blessings. XoXo

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