Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Retaining Moisture in this COLDness

It's that time of year ladies and we all know how DIFFICULT it can be to retain that moisture in our hair! It's a nightmare and a pure killer during these winter months. Protective styles are always great but what's a protective style without knowing how to properly moisturize?! Here's some info for you ladies on retaining that moisture. 3 easy steps :P

Water, cream, and oil based products are your best products to help retain moisture. The key to retaining moisture is about how you wash out conditioner, believe it or not. When your shampooing you want to make sure to use warm water. This will help open your pours to allow the shampoo to go in and clean your scalp. Which removes any extra oils and dirt that you don't need! Try to use gentle shampoo's without sulfate, stuff like that. When you condition your hair and it's ready for you to wash that out you want to make sure you use cool water. This helps close your pours so that it will retain the moisture from your conditioner in your hair. Now, with that said, that's the first step to retain that moisture! The second step is to use a water-based product for moisturizing. Something along the lines of rosemary, water and glycerine. Oil-based products like saflower oil with some essential oils like lemon or peppermint oil. Any cream-based products like shea butter, coconut oil, and/or aloe vera gel.

Keep in mind that if your going to be doing mixes make sure you add an essential oil or two to keep bacteria and/or fungus from growing in your mixes. Here's some antimicrobial essential oils :)
-Tea Tree Oil
-Lemon oil
-Lavender oil
-Basil oil
-Neem oil
-Eucalyptus oil
-Rosemary oil
-Mint oil
^^all of these oils are EO (essential oils)

Most oils and butters have a shelf life of about 1yr or more. But mixing them may decrease these numbers. Adding an antimicrobial will help increase the shelf life of your mix. Because these are EOs, remember a few drops should do the job... 10-20 drops per batch! Happy mixing!


  1. That looks tasty! For my skin I do shea butter with lavender and tea tree; for my hair I do something a bit lighter. I don't make it myself, but it has like eighteen different oils and stuff in it.

  2. I like this post. My hair does not like this weather at all :(



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