Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hair Breakage...... The Break Down!

External Cause of Hair Breakage

Products such as perms, dyes could be another reason that you are suffering from hair breakage. Make sure to read the directions, if left on the hair for to long or use back to back can weaken the strands of your hair causing breakage. Another sure fire way to cause breakage comes from styling tools, to much heat can make the hair dry, thats why it is so important not to rely on heat so much, try protective styles or low maintence that dont require heat, but if you are going to use heat please make sure to always use a heat protector

Internal Causes of Hair Breakage

Ladies eating healthy is a must you could be causing harm to your beautiful locks by not eating right! Without these vitamins and minerals your hair can, and will break so try to have your daily serving.

Vitamin B
Vitamin E
A lack of these whole foods can also be the cause of hair breakage:
Sunflower seeds
Dark leafy greens
Flaxseed oil

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