Thursday, September 27, 2012

Government Assistance

This morning I wake up and do my usual..... read blogs and news journal entries. All of a sudden I run across a post from a military spouse ranting about military familes and receiving government assistance. While, I, myself think it's crazy how the biggest talk around is getting government assistance period. Why talk down about military families getting the government assistance needed as well? I see all types of women opening their legs to men period and creating children they know damn well they can not provide for then depend on the government and our taxes for that matter to feed their family while others struggle. I am a family that struggles at times to make ends meet but we make it work without the government assistance. Would I like to have the assistance, yes BUT at the same time I know that we don't need the government assistance and depend on it. There are people out there that get government assistance knowing they are of value to get out and work. To be able to provide for their family they are just too lazy to do so. I've seen women go out and have 6-7 kids with all different baby daddy's and expecting the government and peers (tax payers) to put food on their table while we as American's struggle to even pay our bills. I think it's wrong and unjust. There are some military families that take advantage of the system as well. They "say" the more kids you have the more help you will get. That is, however, not correct. After child number 2 the government doesn't up your pay anymore. These people are having kids and expecting hand outs. Stop having kids you can't pay for. It makes you as well as society look ignorant. I'm tired of paying to put food on someone else's table when there are times we're struggling. Do we get help, no. We make it work and so should the ones that don't need the help. The ones that really need the help because they were laid off and can't find work need help. The ones that have a family with no income and are ACTIVELY looking for work need help. Not the ones that are sitting around doing nothing and expect help. Not the ones that quit their job to live off the government need help. Not the ones that are having kids they know damn well they can't take care of need help. Trust and believe things will change. When they do and the ones living off the system taking advantage will see what it means to actually WORK. Work means work. Get up, get out, and do something. Find a job. Make income. That's what I mean. So stop living off the government and find your own means for income. Quit mooching off the ones that work their asses off to put food on their table and at the end of the day have to pay the government taxes and you take the tax money without good reason and use it because your too lazy to make your life better for the family you refuse to work for. Period.

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