Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breakdown of OILS

Considering it’s the winter season and a majority of us Naptural Diva’s are being affected by the cold weather, I thought I’d share with you what knowledge I’ve discovered about keeping your hair moisturized. I know how difficult it can be to keep your hair moisturized because I struggle with dry & brittle hair! It’s a pure nightmare. This is why I’m writing this blog with some useful information for you ladies.

I know a lot of us Naptural Diva’s use oils on our hair in different ways. The two most popular ways are by using them in moisturizers while others use them for sealant on our ends so they aren’t brittle. With that said, I’ve been doing some searching and I’ve found some useful information that I’d like to share with you :)

Idk if most of you know this but some oils carry bacteria/fungus from growing in your mixes. Some of the ESSENTIAL oils that are antimicrobial are as followed:
-Tea Tree
-Mint (peppermint)

Most oils and butters have a shelf life of about a year or more! Mixing them may decrease these numbers. Adding an antimicrobial WILL help increase the shelf life of your mix. I make sure to use one to two of the oils listed above in my mixtures just to make sure no fungus/bacteria lurks in my products. Now, because these are Eos, remember a few drops should do the job……… about 10 to 20 drops per batch should do the trick! Happy Blending Ladies :P

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