Monday, April 23, 2012

64th Edition, Meet Me On Monday

1.  I keep putting off blogging. I'm so behind on my blogging it's ridiculous LOL! 
2.  What is your current weather? Bipolar as hell. I'm serious, one minute it's like 90+ then it goes down to 70. Mother nature needs to make her mind up! 
3.  What is the nicest room in your house? The bedroom, it's nice and clean while the rest of the house is a train wreck 
4.  What jewelry do you never take off? My wedding ring/band and my zodiac color ring 
5.  Do you eat a snack before bed? Unfortunately, yes! I'm such a snack head hahahaaaa


  1. New "stalker!" :) Found you on Meet Me On Mondays. Sooo.. Keep up with your blogging cuz' I'll be back! :D
    Our weather has been bipolar too! Only not so hot.. 60's then 30's, sunshine, then snow. I like that much better than the 90's! Whew that's hot!

  2. Beautiful!
    Enjoy, and feel free to visit me. I hope you will consider of following each other! What do you think?




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